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This guided tour gives you an in-depth look at Verona as you explore its highlights including the 2,000-year-old Arena di Verona and Juliet's balcony. As an alternative to touristy and overcrowded but undoubtably romantic Venice, we settled upon Verona. And the cries of the Capulets and Montagues may well ring out in your imagination as you wander through the enchanting streets of "little Rome". Our tour guide will take you to all these places. We were desperately seeking a destination in Italy that wasn't sighing under the enormous pressure of tourism. Sergio, 41 anni . I can honestly say the Shakespeare tour in Verona was by far my favorite! Shakespeare didn’t set three of his plays in this city for nothing. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, first published in 1597, is considered to be the first romantic tragedy ever written.It isn't, however, a tragedy on the scale of Othello, Hamlet or King Lear but more a tragic series of misunderstandings. Guided tour over Shakespeare’s footsteps with private guide. ). By the way, kisah Romeo dan Juliet ini memang fenomenal. What’s included in our virtual tour of Italy: A knowledgeable, live guide taking you on a virtual tour; Start out on the streets of Sicily, before heading to Rome, Venice, Padua and Verona. Romantic streets in Verona Verona felt like a breath of fresh air. We took several tours, typically at least one per city, and visited Reggio Emilia, Verona, Rome, and Florence. Tour of our list of the top attractions of Verona. Beyond wine tours, one of the top options is Verona Shakespeare tours. Will you attend the ultimate Shakespeare tour of Italy? Explore Verona: Shakespeare Walking Tour - See 214 traveler reviews, 143 candid photos, and great deals for Verona, Italy, at Tripadvisor. Listing Description. Explore Verona: Shakespeare tour! Did you know that Shakespeare set three of his most famous plays in Verona? This ancient Roman amphitheater is one of best preserved in the world. Exclusive access to a 360 version of our walking tour Stop at Verona’s main sights, such as an ancient Roman bridge over the Adige River, two Roman theaters, the old city walls, and even Juliet’s House—made famous by Shakespeare’s tragic play, ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ We start the Verona Private Walking Tour from one of Verona’s landmarks, the Arena in the Bra Square. Romeo and Juliet's Guided Tour. The tour is also a journey through the ages and stories of Shakespeare and other authors. Explore Verona: Shakespeare Walking Tour - See 203 traveler reviews, 143 candid photos, and great deals for Verona, Italy, at Tripadvisor. Bahkan dulu saya kira ini kisah nyata yang dibukukan, karena terlalu famousnya :)))) Lucunya sejak dimainkan oleh Dicaprio, saya jadi membayangkan Romeo seperti Dicaprio mukanya. Dinner in a renowned restaurant of the historical center with Verona’s local cuisine (beverages not included) Private Representation of a scene from "Romeo and Juliet" Vat and service Lake Garda; Valpolicella; Soave; The Rice Road tour; SPECIAL INTEREST TOURS. Il Duomo di Verona, una struttura che si rivela in tutta la sua imponenza. I read Shakespeare's Romeo and … Sorta nel luogo in cui, nel IV secolo, l’allora vescovo di Verona Zeno fece edif¬icare la prima chiesa cristiana, la cattedrale fu terminata nel 1187 ed è ora uno dei simboli della città scaligera ed il suo principale luogo di culto. The classic tour; The panoramic tour; The walking tour; Bike Tour; HISTORICAL TOURS. Scopri cosa fare a Verona durante la tua permanenza presso il nostro Bed and Breakfast: shopping, l'Arena, da Castelvecchio, Venezia e molto altro ancora. We proceed walking through narrow cobblestone streets and passing colorful buildings. Das Schloss wurde vor mehr als 800 Jahren erbaut und nicht jeder weiß, dass Villafranca di Verona von Shakespeare II. Discover all the attractions with us! 7 things to do in Verona Whether you fancy yourself a Romeo or a Juliet, Verona is a beautiful city with plenty of historic spots to rejuvenate your romantic side. Discover which ones and other Veronese histories by walking with us from the hidden bridge inside Castelvecchio to the picturesque 2000 years old Ponte Pietra situated close to the Duomo of Verona . The chorus that opens Shakespeare's great tragedy makes it impossible to separate Verona from the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Seru banget mengikuti virtual tour ke Verona, saya yang baca dari tulisan mba pun jadi ikut kebawa suasana hahaha. Due to the global fiction Shakespeare, Verona became the fourth city of the most visited in Italy. Romeo und Julia zitiert wurde. Enjoy incredible scenery on a half day boat tour of the lake or a full day trip to the medieval city of Bolzano. Verona, city of Love. ... Tour Verona Shakespeare in wine . INTRODUCTION TO VERONA. In Verona, they usually visit the House of Juliet to see a small yard that looks as romantic love story wrapped Romeo and Juliet. Die unglückliche Geschichte der beiden unglücklichen Liebenden spielt in den Städten Verona und Mantua, bezieht sich … Verona in Roman times; Verona in the middle ages; Verona at the time of Venetian rule; Verona in Shakespeare’s eyes; THE PROVINCE OF VERONA. Tour Sweet Verona. Senza dubbio la prima meta è la casa di … Verona is well known for being the location of Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Explore romantic Verona on two wheels on this relaxed bike tour. I suggerimenti di questo tour sono stati utili per degustare Valpolicella e Amarone ottimi. Wander from the streets of Verona to the moors of Scotland on this smashing Shakespeare tour. Danish princes, Scottish generals, Italian nobles: Shakespeare really did take his characters from all corners of the known world. Il tour è un viaggio attraverso le vie, le piazze, i monumenti di Verona, ma anche attraverso le epoche e i racconti di Shakespeare e degli altri autori. Known wordlwide to be the city of Romeo and Juliet , by William Shakespeare, here you can visit Juliet’s House with the iconic balcony (“ O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” – that one). Take a private Verona tour to discover Shakespearean Verona and beyond! Experience the unforgettable Verona & Shakespeare Amore in Verona, Italy, and work with a Virtuoso travel Advisor to receive exclusive perks. Visit the real-life setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet on an excursion to the medieval city of Verona. Sono un appassionato di vino e ricerco sempre cantine che mi permettano di vivere nuove ed indimenticabili esperienze. Verona, the city of love, is in the North Eastern Italy and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It dates back to 30 AD and is still in use for cultural events to this day! Our tour guide, Maria, was absolutely incredible! We’ll begin our live virtual tour of Ancient and Medieval Verona at its very heart; the medieval walls and the tribute to the city’s great promoter, William Shakespeare. Many have plaques, bas-reliefs and sculptures that recall moments of the story with quotations from Shakespeare's work. What to see in Verona: the romantic Shakespeare tour dedicated to the sad story of Romeo and Juliet. Each year, about 1,600 of the Japanese tour group stopped for an hour before continuing the journey. Numbers are limited to 12 people on this small-group tour, ensuring a more personalized experience. Alongside the traditional Shakespeare Festival in Verona, Italy, there will also be discussions on current affairs, pop, folk, indie and jazz concerts and performances by solo dancers. Through the historical center of Verona, with its crenelated towers and its inner courtyards and well-curbs, hovers the spirit of William Shakespeare who gave Verona its universal fame as a romantic city.. Like travelers of bygone times, we visit the 14 th century spots of Verona that acted as background to the most unfortunate and yet most famous and represented love story in the world. Shakespeare in Verona: The tour includes the most charming places in Verona strictly connected with the famous love story ; medieval courtyards, streets and squares in the heart of Verona old town, Romeo's House, Juliet's House with its well-known balcony and Juliet's Tomb. Uncover ancient canals & beautiful architecture on a guided day trip to Venice. There is a good reason for this name and not for nothing a man called William Shakespeare set his masterpiece “Romeo and Juliet” in this little gem of a city.. La Casa di Giulietta si trova in Via Cappello , la via che segue l’antico cardo maximus romano, ed è un’antica casa-torre medioevale , … These are caused by the ongoing quarrel between the Montague and Capulet families (who really did exist! Explore Verona: Shakespeare Walking Tour - See 214 traveler reviews, 143 candid photos, and great deals for Verona, Italy, at Tripadvisor. Taking a stroll through bustling Piazza Bra (Bra Square,) we’ll encounter the city’s cafe culture among fountains and monuments. - See 203 traveler reviews, 143 candid photos, and great deals for Verona, Italy, at Tripadvisor. Many travelers arrive in Verona each year to see Juliet’s House, Juliet’s tomb, and Romeo’s house. On our way, we will see the world’s first philharmonic theater. Verona è la città degli innamorati e per rendere omaggio a William Shakespeare che l’ha resa celebre in tutto il mondo, è d’obbligo visitare i luoghi in cui è stata ambientata la tragedia romantica per eccellenza: Romeo e Giulietta. take a look Amarone boutique wineries The Amarone wine tour Day tour in a unique terroir: great MINI cellars, fine dining, joyful ride with views take a look Verona from Venice Verona day trip from Venice Staying in Venice for several days? Romeo and Juliet tour Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet tour Strolling with William Shakespeare in Verona! From July 18 th to September 21st Estate Teatrale Verona is back on stage with an all-new list of events that is set to bring back to life the Scaliger city after the monthslong lockdown period!. La visita è adatta a tutti, gruppi organizzati, scolaresche in gita, famiglie con ragazzi. La presenza dei Cappelletti a Verona nel 1300 si fa risalire all’edificio che oggi è conosciuto come La casa di Giulietta, da cui può partire il tour della Verona shakesperiana. To be or not to be, that is the question?

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