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Related: Rust: How to Utilize Electricity in Your Base. Don't ever pick up a compass. In the Stranded Deep crafting and building guide, we will explain how you can use various resources to create unique items. Use Corrugated scrap to build your farming allocations as these can hold more water. INFO : Someone else has been stranded... You're not the only one. arkonite167 . Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I would recommend playing the tutorial and getting comfortable with crafting a shelter and solar still quickly. When Telltale games collapsed, this was just about to be released and the 2 man team developing the game had to acquire the rights to publish. Shoot him at your leisure with your spear gun or throw spears at him. Pick your Home Island (i.e. The torch is better than the lantern for under water activities. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive. You can either destroy your fish trap with your axe and simply rebuild it or alternatively, transfer the Lionfish to a storage crate (for the Shark Repellent concoction). Refined Hammers from storage crates is my tool of choice. UPDATE: I was able to place a furnace in my house! - Your main raft floating away is a major issue! GENRE. I have 2 tiger sharks laying in my starting raft (lol!) During the course of my playthrough, I had a compass in my inventory! Adventure. Stranded Deep PS4 Game, Price, Multiplayer, Coop, Release Date - we have everything you need to know about Stranded Deep on PlayStation 4. CRAFT. So, when you want to complete the game, bring 10 units of food, 10 units of water, 2 jerry cans of fuel and ensure you've beaten the 3 endgame bosses. Seagulls, crabs and fish that are caught and then put down don't appear to spoil. I've made the second story foundation but does not let me add a floor piece to it. Learn from me! By Tinytone, May 9, 2020 in Stranded Deep. The squid will circle, but never attack you. Clay is mined with a pick axe and you can get up to 6 clay rocks from a single deposit. Tool Damage Thrown Damage Durability Purpose Stone Tool: 5 N/A 100 Basic starting item. CUSA18152 – EUR. UPDATE: Building the gyrocopter will nullify the "Magnets, how do they work?" However, the materials need will depend on which level of belt you want to craft. Place a corrugated iron layer on top of the raft base. TOP TIP: Set Sharks to passive in the Options menu if Tiger sharks are hassling you too much! To make a tool belt in Stranded Deep you’ll only need a few materials. 2. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? In this guide, we'll cover the following in order: There's one missable achievement (Not using a Compass during a playthrough). This is the game loading up all your items into their correct places. Plot. [ame=]Standed Deep Boss: The Great Abaia[/ame]. [ame=]Standed Deep Boss: The Megalodon[/ame]. Luckily, components are plentiful and they were later fully recovered. Build a pier from your home leading out into the sea, with some fish traps in the reefs to provide daily food. I also partially stocked up the water quest item. trophy as it contains a built in compass on it's dashboard. I have four potato farming slots. Set sharks and snakes to "passive", in the game options menu, to have an easier playthrough. Author: Jblfan79. Explore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and shelter you’ll … CRAFT. Mountains are climbable if you find the correct path. Stranded Deep is headed to PS4 and Xbox One today so we thought what better time to discuss its crafting gameplay mechanics with our console buddies. Eggs obtained from nests can be eaten raw. Help us fix it by posting in its. Top Tip: Make sure your raft and sharks are still there before you save the game as things may be missing in your world due to them not reloading correctly. Those with 100% in this are seasoned experts, and you'll be … You can use one of the water storage items to water a crop up to its maximum capacity. It takes about 6 or so hits with the axe to down the shark. Crude Axe: 15 N/A 330 Used for harvesting resources. From the shore, if you look into the ocean, there will sometimes be a nearby "white wave" on the ocean top which is a possible indication of clay nearby. Some clay pieces may be hidden in the coral and hard to spot and pickup. It's SO not fair if the gyrocopter nullifies that trophy! - Make sure you have the +healthy attribute before starting i.e. Adjusts the stack size of the game . Once caught, they'll disappear from your raft or within your storage container or from within your inventory when you reload your game. Stranded Deep (NA) Trophies; Two of each Trophy ; Two of each Trophy. You can leave the Fibrous leaves there on the ground as the palm sapling will regrow a day or so later. This makes the house visible from the sea when returning home as I can see the lights from my lanterns! The Gyrocopter has a built in compass on it's dashboard. When Island hopping in quick succession, for example if you're flying your Gryocopter, blue screens of death can occur. Clay can be found in the ocean, just off the shoreline in and amongst the coral reefs. EXPLORE. By Base this decision on the number of available Yucca Trees and Palm Saplings on the island. Once you have those things, all you need to do is craft it. Gaming. Level 1 – 1 Lashing, Opens 1 Hotkey Spot; Level 2 – 1 Lashing, 1 Cloth, Opens 2 Hotkey Spots I recommend having a bandage in storage, making a save and then swim out to sea to go bludgeon a tiger shark to death with your refined axe! Those who are unused to the survival genre may find themselves a little bit over their head at the beginning of Stranded Deep. Note: This does appear to be "time of day dependent" depending on sun glare and the position of the sun, so this may not always work to be able to hunt for clay deposits under water this way. Same with your East/West sails. From Stranded Deep Wiki. ESCAPE.brExplore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and … Gaming. Since you can't remake the plane parts you have to restart. Islands tend to have 2 blue tarp's lying on the shore. Chop down a palm tree and harvest the materials to make a shelter then Save! When you next open the storage container, there will be a different set of items. All maps are randomly generated and completely unique which adds to the charm. You'll then need to create some fuel (using potatos) to resupply the fuel canister. Sleeping removes the TIRED status. In my 2nd playthrough I will be leaving all compasses alone and won't be picking them up. - You're looking for a specific engine part, - You're disappointed with the items when you open them. I enjoyed playing along and I'm sure you will too! Note: I had to drag 3 sharks to shore before I was finally shark free. With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. These do 20HP damage each. So when setting out, only take 5 storage containers out with you. News. Knives, Axes, Pick Axes, Fish Traps, Solar Stills, Smoking stations are made from rocks, and rocks are a rare resource! Be warned: Make sure you don't save when "things have disappeared" from the game. I like to have my hut lit up, so I have lanterns hanging on hooks everywhere! Each boss will unlock the recipe for a single plane part. In the centre of my boat, I haven't put down a corrugated layer. Build several floors and top it off with a stunning thatched roof. Item loading issues can happen every now and again (1 in 40 reloads) so be wary... No 2 was noticeable after reloading a game. Setting up the farming island and using it, © 2021 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. I enjoyed playing along and I'm sure you will too! Tinytone, Stranded Deep Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Stranded Deep on PlayStation 4: Various Trophies; Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards. I've had times where I've noticed things have disappeared! I learned this the hard way... :'(, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This walkthrough is the property of Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.BUILD. The Solution: Throw 3 spears at him, and then run after him with the axe and bludgeon him with your axe. They may have a guardian Lion fish nearby to make your life difficult. Also, pick an island with a mountain in the centre as it's a shade source to avoid sunstroke. It's an absolute gem of a game! We’ve got all the information in the list below. - Always set out at sunrise as you don't want to be fighting the boss in the dark. Any items that you drop will disappear when you leave. Refined Pick : 10 N/A 300 Used for … Fibrous leaves can be obtained by cutting down a yucca tree or by breaking a palm sapling. BUILD. Share Followers 0. I didn't know that and there was no warning when I built the thing that it would come with a compass on it. You can use your knife, axe or pickaxe to cut these down. Once you do the real survival begins. You’ll need 2 boars, 2 crabs, and 2 snakes. Use water to either top yourself up in an emergency or to water your farming units. Drop them in front of your shelter without opening them then SAVE! Note : Link Zippy only use with … A bigger island has more resources, (and boars which give you leather), allowing you to create a proper base. From the top, you can see clay (sometimes) in the water as well as survey neighbouring islands. You can't sleep in the earlier hours of the morning (roughly 3:00 AM'ish). SURVIVE. When venturing out to explore a nearby island for resources, assume you'll find 3-5 storage containers. - The Refined Axe does 20HP damage per hit. Select Game Console Stranded Deep (Like and sharing game for your friends) GAME NAME. You'll need a tanning station to convert the rawhide skinned from sharks and boars into leather. Use the label maker to relabel the spears as "East" or "West". Stranded Deep Beginner’s Guide To Survival. Stranded Deep: How to Make And Use A Plank Station. You can sleep after 18:00 and you wake up at 06:30. WARNING!! Then craft a Clay Water container. It's a survivor-type game with the ultimate goal of making it to safety after a fateful plane crash. If the shark's on the shoreline where I can see him... he's NOT IN THE WATER! When I returned... the game had to reload my island again and in the process one or two items were out of place (i.e. Stranded Deep - TEST YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS IN THIS OPEN WORLD ADVENTUREIn the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. FOUND AT : Deep Sea CRAFT ITEM : Unknown USE : Unknown AK47 One of the many new features unofficially added in v0.03.H2 of Stranded Deep. Any idea how to place a flag pole? Welcome to the Stranded Deep walkthrough. that I use as a visual cue to tell if the game is "still ok". The individual plots start with one water level. Leave spears on the beach pointing at East (sun rise) or West (sun set). You can also create your own custom islands which you can save. Be wary of when you save your game as you may permanently commit these "side effects". TrueTrophies. SPEARGUN The spear gun is a strong hunting tool with good durability, and is useful for hunting fish. My 1st playthrough was on the default settings and I was harrassed by sharks and snakes throughout. Do ALL the repairs and All the supplies in one go because if you take too long it completely resets. RELEASE. If you don't sleep, you'll get the TIRED status which prevents you from running. In summary, having the opposites sails down has the net effect of cancelling the sails being down at all. The game revolves around a marooned survivor that becomes stranded somewhere in the … My Home island has 3 Ficcus trees and 20+ Palm Sapings. Crafting is one of the main gameplay mechanics that allows you to craft and built items using various resources. GRRRR. ESCAPE.Explore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and … You can press up, down, left, right to check the durability of your item in your tool belt. TEST YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS IN THIS OPEN WORLD ADVENTURE In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. my shark, and a few hammers in the ocean). Harvest him ASAP. The rooms in a shipwreck at the very back can often have 3-5 storage crates in them. Crafting a total of 4 Clay Water Containers is optimal as you share the same inventory slot, effectively carrying 4 x 5 = 20 units of water. They're essentially the currency of the game as they can be used to replenish fires, replenish solar stills and build lashing. TEST YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS IN THIS OPEN WORLD ADVENTUREbrIn the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. In order to plant a crop, you must have a Crude Hoe in your inventory (you don't have to be holding it in your hand). I lost 5 store containers very early on and was worried I may lost critical components. You can smoke 5 pieces of meat (fish, crabs, seagull) on a food smoker. Two of each . This is a Gold trophy. Keep swimming in circles around the ship, shooting him as you make your circles. This bug can sometimes occur when you return to your island after a scavenging trip. You can craft the Airplane Rudder, Engine and Propeller components at the plane and they don't require any ingredients. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Stranded Deep actually allows players to craft a boat motor that is much faster than the sail. Hey hoe - at least I was shark free for 20-30 days. This game is still hailed as one of the most hardcore survival experiences in gaming. They use up precious rocks, but they do great damage to the bosses (40HP!) Don't ever have one in your possession! I also recommend picking an island that has a view of the massive stranded boat as well as a mountain in the centre. The 3 plane parts that you need to craft are only craftable once you defeat the 3 bosses. The three items, within any storage containers, are randomly created when you 1st open a crate. Stranded Deep players have a number of uses for the wood they find during their struggle to survive, and making a plank station provides even more. You can also add an additional 6th meat to cook in the fire whilst you smoke 5 pieces of meat. SURVIVE. Players will need duct tape, one engine part, a fuel part, a filter part, and an electrical part in order to craft the motor. If you like the contents - then Save! Melee the boss when you're being held up close by the boss. EDITED: After completing the game, I didn't get the "Magnets, how do they work?" Story Related - Completing the game (Spoilers). This nulls the trophy too. I've prefer using my pick axe to chop down Palm Saplings and my Refined Axe for Ficcus trees in order to prolong my precious Refined Axe's durability for longer periods. Stranded Deep - TEST YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS IN THIS OPEN WORLD ADVENTUREIn the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Food, materials and clay are available in good quantities without being snappy. Any "partial" visits whereby you stock up on food/fuel/water will be erased when you leave. Once you have a Shelter and Solar Still, you can relax as little as you can now begin making water and can now explorer at your own leisure with the comfort of a save checkpoint to revert to if things go wrong i.e. To use loom in Stranded Deep you will need to craft it, all you have to do is press C, you’re going to need 6 sticks and lashings. When exploring nearby islands, bring back as many rocks as you can. The game nearly didn't make it out on consoles. Try to prolong the durability of your knife and axe by using your pickaxe to mine resources. TrueAchievements. Harvest the shark for 3 units of raw leather and large meat (which can be turned into smoked meat at the fire and lasts for ages!). It may not provide the same amount of replayability that games like Rust have, but the crafting and exploring mechanics are solid and fun to use. Sleeping fast forwards time allowing Yucca, Young Palm Trees and your crop farms to re-grow. Refined Axe: 20 N/A 400 Used for harvesting resources. Comments. Welcome to the Stranded Deep walkthrough. SURVIVE. You can also climb to the top of the mountain and look down into the ocean where I was able to see clay deposits in the water quite easily with the aid of the binoculars. 1. Finally, you can build your flagpole on top of the tower floor. May 9, 2020 in Stranded Deep. At a certain height, the game starts beeping and warning you that you're flying too high. This allows you to navigate forwards/backwards/left and right.

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