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The third investigation, which most likely began alongside the collusion and obstruction investigations at the outset of Mueller’s probe, remains a mystery. An illusion is a misperception resulting from a trick of the senses, or something that is not as it appears. Mar Most significant was the collusion probe led by GOP appointee Rod Rosenstein and former FBI director Robert Mueller, which sought fruitlessly to establish evidence of coordination between the Trump campaign and foreign involvement in the election. The 2016 election, which polarized the country with harsher and more partisan rhetoric than at any point in recent memory, spilled over into a public discourse that has seen unprecedented division become the status quo. We know that the chain of conspiracy and compromise weaves a devastating narrative no matter how deeply Trump colluded with Russia. During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump was asked by Jennifer Jacobs about his intention to fire Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein, and his answer began: He goes on for four more paragraphs in th… Donald Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Uses Flashcards to Explain 'Collusion Delusion' to Americans. I swear the left does not understand the meaning of the saying, “Don’t foul your own nest.”. The fact that Russian intelligence began hacking the same day doesn’t make a difference. Somehow, I doubt this will slow Mueller down. When the Obama administration sanctioned Russia for its interference in the election, Trump directed incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to contact Sergey Kislyak to de-escalate, a violation of the Logan Act. Mueller is looking for more than open coordination with Russian efforts. As a result, Trump has been reticent to take a hard line against Russian aggression, repeatedly praising Putin’s rhetoric and challenging US intelligence. The Collusion Illusion U.S. President Donald Trump waves upon arrival at Palm Beach International airport, Florida, on April 18, 2019. COLLUSION" and then crossing out the second word. Hence the phrase is delusions of grandeur. Illusions. Delusion. 1670). Just like the man behind the wheel cannot claim ignorance of his gang’s plans, Trump cannot pretend innocence in Russia’s attacks on the 2016 election, not when investigations have laid bare the lengthy chain of contacts between Trump associates and Russian operatives from early 2015 through mid-2017. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. Pursuing a lucrative real estate venture in Moscow is not collusion…but Trump claimed during the campaign that he had no commercial ties to Russia, and Michael Cohen’s lies to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project were accompanied by public statements which sought to establish a false narrative with other conspirators. Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. The consequences of one’s opinions are a matter of indifference. We now know that the obstruction probe began even before Mueller’s appointment, when Trump pressured Comey for a loyalty pledge, tried to quash the investigation of Flynn, and then fired Comey when he failed to comply. Illusione, delusione, collusione Illusione, delusione, collusione [Ritornello: Marracash & Guè Pequeno] Sono solo un altro senza Dio, senza Dio Senza Dio, sono solo un altro anch'io Even as recently as a few days ago, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani maintained that the Trump Tower Moscow project had never reached the point of an executed Letter of Intent…until, of course, CNN obtained a copy of Trump’s signature on that very letter. This conspiracy, in turn, speaks to compromise. If you ask me this is shaping up into (continued) rule by dweebs, freaks, and arrogant pricks. Modern medicine has made huge advances, and life expectancies continue to rise. Delusions are like illusions but they're meaner. And roll them dice, campers. The getaway driver in a bank robbery may not point a pistol at a teller, but he is every bit as guilty as the gunman. “I just thought we’d have some fun with words. It’s hard to tell exactly what would meet the standard of “collusion” for Trump’s most ardent supporters. This week’s indictment of two Flynn associates who lobbied for foreign governments in violation of FARA (a violation Flynn would have been charged with if not for his cooperation with Mueller), along with the recently-revealed investigation into foreign inaugural contributions, gives us a hint: the third investigation most likely deals with Trump campaign, transition, and administration officials who received payments from foreign governments in exchange for influence on American government policy. Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen. Collusion, no. It is important to keep in mind the distinction between illusion as perceptual error, which we have called delusion, and illusion as an awareness of perceptual error, which we have called collusion. Illusion. I wish I could preach a little bit  to the current congress but I doubt they would listen . News and ideas worthy of discourse. For many Americans, the simple truth that Mr. Trump really had won was too terrible to bear. To be honest, most people live under an illusion, a delusion or even a collusion. Quite simply an illusion is simply a misleading perception. — People also search for: myth, pretense, mirage, aura, artifice, dreamworld, simulacrum, impression, optical illusion, more... — Use illusion in a sentence Commonly used words are shown in bold . I am available to book clubs, either in person or via Zoom, upon request. Fundamentally informative and intelligently analytical. He repeatedly called on now-fired attorney general Jeff Sessions to curtail Mueller’s probe, and has now nominated a new attorney general who explicitly excoriated Mueller in an unsolicited memo. Even apart from election meddling, Putin and the GRU knew that Trump was lying about his business ties to Russia during the election. The rightness of one’s opinions is what matters. But when government positions are involved, Trump’s legal liability multiplies. Collusion, at its simplest, simply means participation in a crime. “These investigations, prompted primarily by left-leaning organizations in government and politics, were calculated to delegitimize the results of the 2016 election and Trump’s presidency. A hallucination is one type of illusion. Here's what he said. This all folds into the story of how for decades the monetary illusion created by central banks collaborating with governments has delayed an inevitable crisis by not dealing with reality. Illusion, delusion — yes!" Russian mobster Felix Sater promised Russian assistance in the election in 2015, writing to Michael Cohen, “Buddy our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. Given that Flynn’s cooperation was specified to be a key element of this third investigation, it must focus on something Flynn would know about. No, we don't have that yet." . This investigation has cost us a lot more than $30 million. Delusion Meaning in Urdu is دھوکہ - Dhoka Urdu Meaning. There seems little likelihood that Mueller’s endgame will leave anywhere left for Trump to stand. In the world of consultancy, this could be where you have wrongly perceived an approach for one group or region can be rolled-out to another. optical illusions. EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was originally published on December 22, 2018, three weeks before the New York Times broke the news that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump. Conway then crossed out the "COLLUSION" with a red pen and held out a different page with the words "ILLUSION" and "DELUSION." A lot of people live life like that, never experiencing the "real deal" and living an illusion that remotely resembles reality. Doctors are – in the main – trained to prevent death. The most accurate translation of Delusion, Dhoka in English to Urdu dictionary with Definition Synonyms and Antonyms words. But, I know, they care. Illusion, delusion, collusion, confusion, and explosion. hah . In the Flynn sentencing memo in early December, Mueller cited Flynn’s participation in three separate investigations: the investigation into Russian collusion and two investigations that were obscured by redaction. And the people who supposedly DO understand the role of money and credit in the economy have even managed to impoverish people who live by their wages, never mind what they have under the mattress: Our congressional crack whores made “debt limits” into a joke: And welfare spending — otherwise known as “family destruction and crime encouragement spending” — soared: This is what the political class wants us to believe is “wise stewardship” and that lying, rotten, class of destroyers wants us to swallow The Great Reset they have in mind for us because, you see, they understand stuff and know how to get us out of Deep Woods. We know Flynn has been credited with extensive and valuable assistance in all three areas. Following the Donald Trump Jr. email scandal, claims of alleged Trump-Russia collusion are topping the news agenda yet again. Collusion, at its simplest, simply means participation in a crime. Collusion, illusion, or delusion? The word has been on everyone’s lips, well before Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate it, and it has even become established (in the negative) as one of Trump’s go-to verbal tics. We're sorry but illusiondelusionconfusioncollusion doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. "Illusion And Delusion" Posted By Tim Hains On Date July 13, 2017 Kellyanne Conway rips the media for "talking about Russia more than America" in a … Mush, you huskies. Fending Off Death 1 by wiebkefesch on DeviantArt. Notes However, there remains only one certainty in this life – that we are all going to die. This collusion resulted in more conspiracy, as they tried to hide the existence and intent of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, which gave Russia even more kompromat to hold over Trump and his incoming administration. "So just so we're clear everyone, four words: conclusion, collusion — no! The getaway driver in a bank robbery may not point a pistol at a teller, but he is every bit as guilty as the gunman. Just like the getaway driver cannot claim ignorance of his gang’s plans, Trump cannot pretend innocence in Russia’s attacks on the 2016 election. The three probes (collusion, compromise, and conspiracy) all reinforce each other. When imbalances are ignored, bad things occur. Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty . People with delusions often wind up on the shrink's couch. As divided as the American public has become, one thing is certain: the public fervor circling the presidency of Donald Trump is unlikely to end quietly. As 2018 draws to a close, fierce contention over the multiple ongoing investigations of the Trump organization, campaign, and administration continue, seemingly with a life all their own. # art # art & design # optical illusion # optical illusions # i feel like i just got off a moving ride. Collusion = Illusion = Delusion = Conclusion page: 1. Illusion, delusion, yes,” she said. Being compromised due to financial and business interests, plus Trump’s willingness to coordinate falsehoods in order to hide that compromise, provides added motivation for collusion. Mueller, it appears, is looking for three things: Rather than revealing a shoddy, desperate attempt to undermine a legitimate presidency, Mueller’s investigation has demonstrated that Trump is legally vulnerable from almost every conceivable direction. Flynn, in turn, was forced to lie about his conversations with Kislyak in an effort to obstruct ongoing FBI investigations. The word "collusion" was crossed out on Conway's paper. Write on Medium, discussing the Russian government’s support for Trump, public request for Russia to hack his opponent’s emails, promised Russian assistance in the election in 2015, Trump directed incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to contact Sergey Kislyak to de-escalate, fed classified information to Kislyak and other Russians, Democrats Need to be Talking about Tara Reade, Anti-populism and “normality” from Greece to Chile, Why the GOP will unlikely succeed in their electoral vote challenge. ADVERTISEMENT Conway then held a second sheet of paper with the words "illusion" and "delusion… Walter Williams stated it more elegantly. Posted on November 22, 2016 by . Hauteur is something that infects the West. Generally, delusion is only used in contexts that involve a dangerous idea. We have already seen numerous Trump associates plead guilty to the conspiracy and obstruction arm of Mueller’s investigation, with material perjury as the focal point. David MacMillan is a freelance writer, paralegal, and law student in Washington, DC. The “real deal” takes time, preparation, uncertainty of the end result and a lot of us prefer the safe, the certain, the easy way. Contact me at morelonhouse –at– optonline –dot– net for details. "I see illusion and delusion," Conway said, holding up the second sheet of paper, which, you guessed it, read "ILLUSION DELUSION." One half. Explore, If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer — welcome home. And that’s exactly what they did. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images) For collusion is not an illusion necessarily: it's just a matter of how it is defined. ... "I see illusion and delusion," she said holding large cards with the words written on them. Collusion. Ask anyone what the political byword of our moment is and they will likely say collusion. share: knowledgehunter0986 +11 more posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 01:46 PM link . The history of liberalism has been the effort to replace what works with what sounds nice. Opinion: Republicans’ ‘no collusion’ illusion Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III made his first public statement about the Russia probe on May 29. It was the ongoing investigation into Flynn’s conspiracy that led Trump to lean on James Comey and then fire him in an overt act of obstruction. The Rule of 72 ensures that the dollar you put into your savings account will lose half its value in 36 years with an inflation rate of . In working with clients, Organisational Development consultant Peter Hawkins encourages us to question ourselves regularly as to whether we know our areas of illusion, delusion and collusion. 1951 GIFs. . The First ‘Global Inflationary Depression’ Is Very Possible. The 2020 presidential campaign is more likely to turn on rising health care costs, the dysfunction in the immigration system and the state of the economy than the poisoned legacy of … . So they furthered the narrative of the collusion illusion, which did nothing but embolden our enemies on the world stage. 2021, This all folds into the story of how for decades the monetary illusion created by central banks collaborating with governments has delayed an inevitable crisis by not dealing with reality. Emails discussing the Russian government’s support for Trump aren’t enough. Not even Michael Cohen’s coordination with a Russian official offering Trump “political synergy” from the Russian government is the “smoking gun” Trump’s sycophants insist on. When things finally blow up in the faces of those creating and promoting MMT we can expect to hear them claim it was not their fault and it was because of a general misunderstanding of the role of money and credit in the economy.[1]. We know Mueller has the full cooperation of Michael Flynn, who is perhaps better-positioned than anyone to detail exactly how the wide-ranging elements of collusion, conspiracy, and compromise unfolded. Gawds will is of no concern to this congress ! And then internet users created some Photoshop confusion. The Russian collusion delusion was born and based entirely on this offhand comment. 2%. # art # real # illusion # turn around doctor … # art # art & design # optical illusion # optical illusions # i feel like i just got off a moving ride. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this.” Once immediate Russian assistance against Clinton became a possibility, participation was inevitable. Here’s my theory: Collusion was a seductive and convenient delusion. Trump has consistently attempted to paint the numerous, mounting investigations as a sequential rabbit-trail of witch hunts. However, this has caused confusion, as the conclusion of intelligence institutions is that there’s a profusion of evidence of Russia and the Trump campaign’s fusion. Anyone with really good ideas will always be looking for better ones. There are three sorts of trompe l'œil objects and settings: (a) cutouts, (b) hearth screens, and (c) objects painted on odd surfaces. As we have seen in our discussion of the vase-face illusion, most illusions do not provide us with the experience of illusion unless we are given an opportunity for collusion, an understanding of what we are to expect to … This means when the forces pent-up over the years finally break free events will most likely occur faster with far deeper ramifications than many people expect. It’s easy and free to post your thinking on any topic. 226 × 123 cm. To a small but vocal group of Americans, it seems clear that history books will one day read something like this: “The bombshell election of businessman and icon Donald Trump resulted in widespread opposition from the political establishment of both parties. Trump, then, knew that the Kremlin had kompromat, politically damaging information that could be revealed if Trump pursued antagonism toward Moscow. Or words to that effect. (ca. 07 Despite boasting generally positive economic growth and strides in foreign policy, Trump’s first term was marred by persistent and unprecedented investigations into his businesses, campaign, and personal life. da una religione all'altra Illusione, delusione, collusione Illusione, delusione, collusione (Milano) E ora sono solo un altro senza Dio Senza Discuss these collusione Lyrics with the community: Writing about law, fundamentalism, and science denial…book to follow. Collusion Illusion: 1st: SA: 6 1/2 f: D: Lazaro Barrera Stakes-G3: 3: Collusion Illusion: Ragtime Blues: Howbeit: 1:16.03: 05/17/20-R6: Collusion Illusion: 1st: SA: 6 f: D: AlwOC: 3+ Collusion Illusion: Tiger Dad: Loud Mouth: 1:10.03: 09/27/19-R8: Collusion Illusion: 9th: SA: 1 1/16 m: D: American Pharoah-G1: 2: Eight Rings: American Theorem : Storm The Court: 1:45.41: 08/10/19-R8: Collusion Illusion: 1st: Dmr: 6 f: D For the rest of us, there’s a different expectation. Later, after Trump took office, he fed classified information to Kislyak and other Russians in violation of US agreements with its allies, burning a vital intelligence asset. # optical illusions. Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, then told CNN the Russians did that for Trump. Trump’s constant protests of persecution and unfair scrutiny belie a deeper problem: he has brought investigations on nearly every project he has touched. join. A delusion refers to a dangerously deceptive idea. 33 2 3 4 >> log in. The perception of investigative abuses and overreach, compared by many to the excesses of the McCarthy era, strengthened the conservative base and propelled Trump to a landslide victory in 2020 and left both Congress and the White House in the grip of the GOP for the next decade.”. The haughty bastards will burn this beautiful country down around us and our children until there is only smoke left of Amerika . As his administration bleeds senior staff, he is looking desperately for anything that will distract himself and the public from the coming storm. They couldn’t prove phony obstruction so they accused me of campaign finance violations!” The fact, however, is that Mueller’s investigation featured multiple independent threads from the very beginning. Learn more, Follow the writers, publications, and topics that matter to you, and you’ll see them on your homepage and in your inbox. History will almost certainly record this period with pointed commentary; where Americans differ is in expectations of what that commentary will look like. “They couldn’t find collusion, so they invented obstruction! Citing disillusion, and claiming the Special Council’s prosecution is persecution, president Trump’s conclusion is that alleged Russia-Trump Collusion is a delusion. The purchasing of the dollar under the stewardship of the wise men at the Eckles Building has gone down over 90% since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. [1] “The First ‘Global Inflationary Depression’ Is Very Possible.” By Bruce Wilds, ZeroHedge, 3/6/21 (emphasis added). Regarding definition, there is a clearly divergent evolution in meaning of the terms delusion, illusion and hallucination in the separate traditions of neurology and psychiatry. Trump’s public request for Russia to hack his opponent’s emails aren’t enough. Illusion, Delusion, Collusion, and Perceptual Paradox (page 3) Fig.6.9 Cornelis Gijsbrechts, Easel. A delusion is a belief in something despite the fact that it's completely untrue. Unfortunately for the GOP, Mueller’s looking for a lot more than that. What did Nads say just last week ? The geniuses at the central bank have such an immense understanding of the role of money that they have managed to destroy the very concept of building a nest egg over your working life. Please enable it to continue. A Sesame [Street] Grover’s word of the day, perhaps.” Instead, they resulted in widespread suspicion of the justice system. . Trump, for his part, has become increasingly frenetic over the multiple unfolding investigations. They could not accept that Trump won, so they’ve done everything to try to delegitimize him and half of the American votership. The delusions, illusions and collusions we all engage in as physicians are well-intentioned, but as the internet democratises information, and patients are no longer so willing to be advised directly on a course of action or of treatment – doctors must change.

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