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View Full Report . Landline number (203) 226-7025 . See photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School bottom right hand corner of blog! Joe Tacopina has a drawing of Abner Louima who was anally than orally raped by NYPD Rapist Volpe and the object he used to rape Mr. Louima had fecal matter on it when he broke Mr. Louima's teeth but I do not see any Black People in any of the photos you all are sending me of Jonathan Moffly and Tish Tacopina but Jonathan Moffly and his family and Joe Tacopina and his family do not … The Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo has built a reputation as a law firm that tackles high-profile criminal and civil cases. Still I Rise! my letter published in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero" April 27, 2005. So grateful for your threat! NYPD defendants protected by tax payer funded. Like Barbara Ricci he lies about me but in his case it is his Facebook page dedicated to ranting about me -- one example of Michael Rawson lying is he states I did what I did my protest because of political ambitions but in fact I did it for 79 year old Eric Youngquist, a Korean War Veteran who was severely handicapped and has since passed away in a Hospice of Cancer! You can decide for yourself but I know my feelings on the matter. In my opinion based on Jonathan Moffly harassing me on Saturday night he is a disgusting man an idiot in my opinion because I have. JOE TACOPINA IS THE HOTTEST YOUNG CRIMIP DEFENSE LAWYER IN NE YORK. I alone ask for 1 Billion dollars X 3 Rico thanks to Bierce's article the day before my 49th birthday. Mr. Tacopina serves on the Legislative Committee for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Do you think the NYPD involved in my case are crazy violent liars? Joseph Tacopina is an Italian–American lawyer and chairman/owner of Venezia F.C. See more results for Tish Tacopina. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. He is a fraud and a liar -- that is what he calls me but that is him describing himself since he would call the NYPD and demand they ticket the Veterans -- he claims are fire hazards etc but my issues was stop harassing the Veterans while you are running an illegal parking valet service in the loading and unloading zone and because the Mercer Hotel is rich and I am guessing employees retired NYPD as well the precinct was willing to do "selective policing" looking the other way -- even walking past a fake NYPD parking placard I found to harass poor Eric. Mike Lichter's photos are gritty and I added his biker "just married photo" to my collection, My letter in NY Daily News about construction deaths, NY1 covers the infrastructure break on 2nd Avenue & 7th Street, you can see a diverse group of community members speak up including me. Corp Counsel LYING in legal filings (+ withholding Delita Hooks ltr to Det Dwyer CHEAT TO WIN) and oral arguments because in NY judges don't mind lying cheating to win in their courts? Tish Tacopina, age 25. Troy Artist, blog, NYC, politics, corruption, journal, art, CityTime, 911, ECTP July 14, 2011 I stand in front of SAIC here in NYC with Local 375. Louis Flores created the term E-Burka and defends the right for my video to not be given a adult warning! is not a Veteran but he says his brother is. I have set up my pay pal I have no idea if it works but I have spent a fortune attempting to get Justice while Bloomberg and de Blasio corp counsel continue to openly lie stating the NYPD and Internal Affairs acted with in their scope and they use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend I was not coerced and the NYPD did not lie in police reports as well as act on a misogynist hate crime threat again most likely Joe Tacopina who is I am right committed the misogynist hate crime threat during an open investigation. Rawson -- a nut case? Yes look at the link and you do not see one person of color -- but I do see Jonathan Moffly and his wife with big grins. I left a voicemail for Det Moran The next morning I got a gay bashing, put down email in response to me being critical of his new partner and if you don’t think that’s disgusting look at Community affairs Schatz’s f you facebook profile. Joe Tacopina Successfully Defends Client Charged in Boating Accident November 5, 2014 ~ josephtacopina ~ Leave a comment In April 2013, leading New York defense attorney Joe Tacopina concluded his representation of Anthony DiGilio, a Brick Township, New Jersey, construction worker accused of vehicular homicide for his role in a boating accident. The other gang from Soho and Joe Tacopina and gang he he ended broke the law should be behind bars but I am pursuing Justice and I also came up with the concept of the NYPD app tracker. I DON'T. Grazie a Facebook puoi mantenere i … Mr. NYC says Jane Jacobs and I would add Mae West and Janis Joplin. Known Locations: Rockaway Point NY 11697, New York NY 10010 Possible Relatives: Laura N Mantia, Daniel L Mcveigh. Troy, site dedicated to preserving historic PS 64 buiding, Elliot Landy's cool photos from the '60's, Farbeon - Same Ol' Paradigm - Washington Square Park NYC, Gothamist uses my photo and links to my work Roxie Sorina’s death hit and run tragedy Union Square, Greenwhich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Below you can find a link to 2012 just before the corrupt lying criminal NYPD fixed it for Dr Andrew Fagelman so he did not have to fire his violent lying receptionist/office manager Delita Hooks -- they corrupt Detectives rushed to seal their crimes with her's and surprise Det Tommy Moran of community affairs and his parter the creepy PO Eugene Schatz who is the first NYPD officer I ever reported to Internal Affairs is the face book friends of the NYPD detectives Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer -- I just discovered that piece of evidence a year ago and reported it to Internal Affairs -- they were all party to coercion but the US Attorney has limited his scope of NYPD corruption just to the Hasidic Community. Such a traumatic experience close to home about dishonesty weaved into this letter, The NY Post sports section, David Kaufman's bio on Doris Day coming out very soon creates more buzz, here is a site dedicated to Doris Day and of course Liz Smith has mentioned the upcoming book. While being a member of Federal Bar Council, Member New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Member, Committee on Federal Legistlation Judicial Committee for the Association of the Bar of the … JOE TACOPINA TISH TACOPINA JONATHAN MOFFLY NOT NEWSJOE AND TISH SUED IN CONN. My guess she has used sock puppet accounts to communicate with me as well as others associated with Joe? New York, New York 10016. It is criminal to threaten a victim of a violent crime. "https://secure." BY WINNING CA! Last week, Kerik upped the ante: He called reporters to make his case and amended his suit against Tacopina. Scroll down and see the photos -- you can see the family photos and the photo of Patricia Tacopina aka Tish Tacopina who is now being sued along with Joe Tacopina in Conn. court! Who contacted the NY Post to print that blurb? Top NYPD IA acted on BobDobalina fake youtube Acct I allege Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape cop/Abner Louima infamy - I allege they have and are still acting on his contract to destroy me turn the tables on me if I take any legal action Zachary Carter included is acting on this using Ron Kuby‘s letter to turn the tables on me to pretend that there were no crimes when our pile up from the doctors to the police department on going including internal affairs role. Joseph Tacopina, noto come Joe ( New York, 14 aprile 1966 ), è un avvocato e dirigente sportivo statunitense. Attorney Advertising. Permanent. Det John Vergona was going to false arrest me Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 but than decided he could only false arrest the Jew me on the Sabbath -- I agreed twice to false arrest. Joe Tacopina tried to follow me on twitter and I blocked him. You can see a photo of Jonathan Moffly and his wife and it looks like they like to dress up and spend time with rich people but he can't get enough twitter  followers????.. Last time I checked we have not. Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks Violence Lies Harmed ... President Obama admitting nuclear fear but cutting... FDNY ambulances take nearly 10 minutes to get to e... Ex-Christie Aides Closed Bridge Lanes to 'Target' ... NYC Public Library Defenders Contact Tish James Pu... CityTime Crime Mike Bloomberg Kick Backs to Rose a... NYPD Det Pisano Investigating Jay Ott Disappearanc... Mike Bloomberg Scott Stringer HP back room deal to... Arroyo mother and daughter continue to avoid being... Jay Ott Still Missing People Magazine Does a Piece... City's surplus gets even bigger. Tacopina countersued for defamation, seeking $5 million. Joseph Tacopina is an Italian–American lawyer and chairman/owner of Venezia F.C. I WAS TOLD TISH WAS IN THE PHOTOS BUT I DON'T SEE HER MAYBE YOU DO. Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo is located in New York, NY and serves clients in and around New York, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Astoria, Brooklyn, Woodside, Maspeth, Middle Village, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Ridgewood, East Elmhurst, Bronx, Rego Park, Corona, Forest Hills, Woodhaven, College Point, Ozone Park, Jamaica, Howard Beach, Bronx County, Kings County, New York County and Queens County. The video got an adult rating. Well Jonathan Moffly media man less than half the twitter followers than I do and I don't have many so what does that say about his media aspirations -- well Saturday night after a long day at the Hospital this vile and disgusting man harassed me and it sounds to me via 2 emails he sent me that he was threatening me with a lawsuit which is hilarious if it was not so pathetic since Joe Tacopina and Patricia Tacopina are being sued in Conn and I am guessing Jonathan Moffly media man less twitter followers than me isn't covering that news story for some reason. I call NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, Susan Herma... NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton blames predecessor ... john haggerty state liquor authority searched. 1800RapeAway Misogynist Lawyers! Tish MacDonald Tacopina è su Facebook. He thinks I have these 2 YouTube channels that are mine which aren't but Rawson doesn't seem to be in touch with reality. Photocopies, transcriptions, or reprinting are all equally treated under copyright law. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Tacopina & Seigel and the President, Chairman, and Board Member of (Please look on Joe's website -- media posts -- despite his "friends" in the media --- many of the clients in the photos feel betrayed by him? Joe Tacopina has a drawing of Abner Louima who was anally than orally raped by NYPD Rapist Volpe and the object he used to rape Mr. Louima had fecal matter on it when he broke Mr. Louima's teeth but I do not see any Black People in any of the photos you all are sending me of Jonathan Moffly and Tish Tacopina but Jonathan Moffly and his family and Joe Tacopina and his family do not have to worry about being raped by NYPD Rapists do they? When the NYDN steps forward and hopefully crushes Joe Tacopina like MLB exposed Joe-Fraud then you will be interested. detectives in my case falsified police reports, Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! PEOPLE SAID HE'D Reprinted with Permission from Westport Magazine // An artist's rendering of Tacopina during the Abner Louima trial hen I _,et into the tell of a courtroom, I smell blood a mile away. It is illegal to reproduce for any purpose an article without permission. And I will do it slowly and mnethodically. Michael leaves behind his powerful photos and he touched many people. ric Garner and I started out pro se litigants under Bloomberg Ray Kelly, then came de Blasio Bill Bratton "COLLABORATIVE POLICING"... - is that what the NYPD would have done to me since the. Troy PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOU/TUBE CHANNEL, NYPD Gene Schatz The Finger, Party to Coercion 01 Precinct FB Friends, Dr Andrew Fagelman was asked by Private Investigator did he talk to NYPD he said NO COMMENT. The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! ? The Fair Use Doctrine is codified under 17 U.S.C. The Mercer Hotel is up the street from Dr Andrew Fagelman -- it was what Preet Bharara the US Attorney calls Call a cop or I call 1800NYPD IA Fix it. But in her heart there is a roar, the rumble of someone who demands justice. JOE'S QUESTIONS INVOLVE THE NYPD, PBA AND ALSO THE USE OF THE WORD CUNT AMONG OTHER THING AND WITH JONATHAN I WANT TO ASK HIM QUESTIONS ABOUT WHY HE CONTACTED ME VERSUS WHY HE IS NOT COVERING THE LAWSUIT THAT OCCURRED IN CONN FILED AGAINST JOE TACOPINA AND PATRICIA AKA TISH TACOPINA. The photo was commissioned by Westport Magazine, Moffly Media. My very long letter which reads almost like an OpEd piece in The Chief “Mayor’s Boos Not News”, On The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, praising The Chief for excellent. When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can DoSomething! var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Below -- update Google removed age restrictions on all my YouTubes but it took a long time and a lot lot of work and emails. voter anger! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it and he is in watered down database for threatening vic w/arrest. My 1st YouTube on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 called for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation! They treated me like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany. All involved in breaking laws First Precinct behaves like the Ku Klux Klan hiding as they either directly broke laws or obstructed justice you can hear audio posted on YouTube from inside the 1st Precinct as Sgt Chen refuses to come downstairs so today I don’t have his first name or batch number he violates protocol and he backs up the woman cop lying to me that I can’t report my attackers pass cross complaint. "); _______________________ below had moved earlier. Michael's photos of the East Village March 23, 1962-January 15, 2008 We were the same age and we loved this neighborhood passionately. I tweeted my concept to Loretta Lynch, DOJ and the FBI and I happy to tell you they adopted one small aspect and that is they are going to roll out a National Data Base on Police and excessive violence complaints. Retired NYPD Detective Carlton Berkeley holding th... White House fence is scaled in snow; climber is qu... Support Cecily McMillian in Court or any which way... Ex-New Orleans detective pleads guilty to sexually... Finance jobs losses were huge from 2007 to 2012. Tish MacDonald Tacopina is on Facebook. I am waiting for a New Commission in to Police, Internal Affairs and DA Corruption plus the NYPD app tracker -- report crimes the NYPD won't let you including their own. When New York trial attorney Joseph Tacopina walks into the courtroom, Heads Turn. Joe Tacopina discovered that pretty quickly after trading in the lavish life of a high-profile New York defence lawyer to try his hand at becoming a hockey player agent last year. Thanks to Jonathan Moffly who did not exist until Saturday night when I came home from a long day at the hospital and got two threatening emails I am posting this today on Joe Tacopina and Patricia Tacopina. Born 14 April 1966 (age 54) Brooklyn, New York. Please have this image removed by close of business Monday. REPRESENTIN': Notorious criminal-defense lawyer Joe Tacopina. I looked up his properties and I saw an oldish quite unspectacular house in Greenwich Conn and other properties listed as well. 243 Followers, 416 Following, 64 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tish MacDonald Tacopina (@tishtacopina) WHEN PEOPEL SEARCH JOE TACOPINA WIFE THEY FIND MY PICTURE. Deloitte SAIC's auditor listed for RICO charges separate issue. Email. NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justice, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee. 7 Red Coat Rd, Westport, CT, 6880-1408. I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS AND PLEASE LOOK AT THE LINK WITH JONATHAN MOFFLY. You can find the photo here via a link from Joe Tacopina's  website. Joseph Tacopina (l.) couldn’t get disgraced slugger Alex Rodriguez (r.) out of hot water with MLB, and now has to deal with 10-count malpractice suit filed by former top cop Bernie Kerik. The real reason Jeffrey Epstein wanted fake passports was because he was thinking of leaving the country? She could've apologized and closed the door! With attorneys who routinely tackle commercial litigation, securities litigation, personal injury and employment disputes, we provide the expertise, professionalism and exceptional service that sophisticated clients expect. The city of New York has no one in a position of power with integrity to apologize and I will get an apology one day I just may not be alive to see the justice to know I finally have justice and accountability it may take decades for people to say it's not OK to violate someone's civil rights their patient rights their human rights and break the law I was targeted discriminated against and continue to be treated like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany and people were either enlisted or volunteered to join in obstructing justice to be party to attempting to bury the many crimes and wrong doing... CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! May 27, 2010 called for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation! If you have been following Bloomberg administration it is a must read! feel free to donate to support my blog, hard work, courage click on the artwork, watch the YouTube -- to contact me for intell & interviews. In Occupy Activist Cecily McMillan's Trial, Judge ... Smartphone App Assists Alcoholics In Recovering. Current address. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo American Film Part... Law student calls out cops, gets ‘wrongfully’ cuff... New Brooklyn DA drops appeal of wrongful convictio... Bernie Kerik Files an Opposition to Joe Tacopina d... NYDN Lawyer Files today answering Liar oops Lawyer... #NYPD Bill Bratton Chief Reznick Susan Herman Gett... SAIC CityTime Curse Strikes Again Leidos COO Stu S... NYC Gov 911 Tech Corruption back room deals to pre... Google NYPD Ray Kelly to find Bill Bratton NYPD Co... #NYPD Corruption IAB Corruption Abuse Violence Lie... NY Assemblyman Scarborough latest crook Albany Cit... Email #NYPD Bill Bratton Police Cadets Get an Earf... NYPD Cadets Hear and See New Yorkers Outrage. PLEASE CHECK OUT SUZANNAHARTIST AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! I know you don't care about some middle aged rich guy that has in my opinion his head of Joe Tacopina's ass and no Journalistic Integrity to report on Joe and Tish being named in a lawsuit in Conn.  Who cares. Crain's published my letter NYU's Logo Dorm with a dollar bill, Curses on the Yanks, yes I write about steriods and the real house that Babe built and real fans.

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