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If hope to export all, just click the select all button then tap on Export. April 2020, 17:06 Uhr. You just need to connect your iPhone to computer with your USB cable and then click the "Export" button on … Exporting Chat To Your Email. Next, you will see all the apps you can export from your device. Once it’s done, switch to the “Export/Restore WhatsApp Backup” mode. You can also use the WhatsApp inbuilt feature that allows the users to export their WhatsApp messages via Email. If you choose to attach the media files, only the most recent ones will be attached to your export file. If you feel to export the chat message one by one is complex, here is a simpler way. Step 2. Perfect for backing-up important conversation … Step 5 The scan of your backup will start, and after that you will be able to see all the chats and WhatsApp attachments appear on the screen. Secondly, this particular process works with a local backup so if any chats are not backed up locally then they may not be exported by this process. Does it mean exporting a whole chat with media files? Earlier, I had used it in Xiaomi. Let's see how. WhatsApp Chat Backup by Exporting Chat History. Open the group or individual chat on WhatsApp. Step 2. Tap Chats section, go to the very conversation you want to export. Einzelne Gespräche als Textdatei per Mail 2. All Rights Reserved, WhatsApp Backup Is Stuck at 0%? Von Adrian Mühlroth | 21. WhatsApp data when exported are no longer protected by encryption, so anybody with access to this file will be able to see all your chats. ; Tap Back Up to Google drive, and set the frequency. How to Transfer WhatsApp from Xiaomi to iPhone? There are direct ways there are some of the hacks as well, there are tools that will make your work buttery-easy. How to Transfer WhatsApp To WhatsApp Business? Step 3 Extract the key and database identifier from your phone. Load the database file from its respective file directory. Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Download and launch iTransor. You can even … We tap on the one we want to export and a message will appear informing us that, if we include the multimedia elements, the copy will be larger than if we do not. The only limitation of this tool I think is that it is only available for iOS devices. Looking for a way to extract your iPhone WhatsApp Chat History to a document file? Here is how to export WhatsApp chats: Launch the WhatsApp on your phone. But if … Tap "Back Up Now". Step 2 Once inside the chat, tap on the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen. 1] Open WhatsApp on your phone. From the left menu, choose Export … Sie haben die Option, Backups in regelmäßigen Abständen automatisch erstellen zu lassen. Über 20 fortgeschrittene Whatsapp Tipps & Tricks findet ihr in diesem Artikel! WHATSAPP has transformed how we chat. Enter the mail ID you want to export the particular chat to your Android phone. Firstly, it works with Android 4.0-7.0 only. Step 3: Great! Contact Our Support Team to Get Quick Solution >, Download Center How to Export WhatsApp Messages via Email. How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Huawei? It can be completed by following the steps listed below: Step 1 Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone. Now, follow the below steps - Step 1. With this method, you can export both existing and deleted WhatsApp messages on Android. Still on the subject of attaching files, doing so allows you to export the 10,000 most recent messages. Now we tap on Export chat: Exporting the chat. However, that’s all well and good for as […] This ultimate tool is developed to help businesses with Bulk SMS Advertising and promotion on WhatsApp. Backup and Export WhatsApp Chats and Attachments from iPhone Like Messages, WhatsApp chats can contain anything from special personal memories to crucial evidence which could help win a court case. 3. Here's how you can export a WhatsApp conversations to text file on both Android and iPhone. You can easily SAVE a whopping 50% on your … Usually, people take screenshots of WhatsApp conversations but that's not a very efficient way to export your chat with another person on WhatsApp. But, you do not know how it is possible. In this part, we will just introduce how to export the WhatsApp chat directly from your phone using iTransor. The execution of the process is relatively simple. Select “Back Up WhatsApp on Devices” from the sidebar. Top 7 FAQs About WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, Easiest Ways to Export WhatsApp Chat to Excel, 3 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Business from iPhone to Android, [Direct] How to Transfer WhatsApp Business from Android to iPhone. Way 1: Export WhatsApp Chat with Email. The list of recent chats will open. Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. You may want to transfer WhatsApp chat histories immediately after getting new Android phone. 5. The usual path for the database is Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Databases. Part 1. Then, you can open the text file with MS Word and save it as PDF or html. For iOS devices, you can use iTransor to do the export. Step 6 You will have to choose the chats you hope to export using the search bar on the top. Fai il backup della tua cronologia WhatsApp, esporta gli allegati, stampa un’intera conversazione o trasferisci tutti i dati di WhatsApp su un nuovo iPhone. Then tap on More options which appears as three dots, then More. What we do with this function is to export an entire conversation in TXT format, so that it can be consulted later with any text editor regardless of the platform where it is done. Jan 9,2014 Posted by Allen Lee to iPhone WhatsApp Transfer. Method 1: Export WhatsApp Chats on iPhone. Now open the individual or group chat. Step 3: There is an option called 'Back up to Google Drive'. Yes, it can be done in a couple of clicks. Can I Have 2 WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone? Method 2: Backup and export the WhatsApp chat message with free WhatsApp Transfer . Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF via File Manager for Android. Printing out to make a memory book for your friends, family or love is also available. In this part, we will just introduce how to export the WhatsApp chat directly from your phone using iTransor. Step 2 Connect the device to the computer. Since every smartphone today has Bluetooth connectivity, the WhatsApp Bluetooth app makes use of this option to send and receive messages. Choose whether to export with media or without media. Exporting WhatsApp Chats as PDF. After a short while, the export process should be completed. Many of the new devices have file manager pre … Step 5: Refresh your mail box and open the mail containing the exported WhatsApp chat. This way can surely assist you in transferring WhatsApp chats from one phone to another smoothly. Step 2 From the left menu, choose Export from Device & Backup mode. Select the individual or group chat that you would like to back up. Firstly, this feature is not available in Germany so if you are a WhatsApp user residing in Germany then export chat is simply not possible. Con iMazing è facilissimo. Ermöglicht die Vorschau und Wiederherstellung von Soziale-App-Daten aus einem Backup auf … Transfer WhatsApp Messages between Android and iPhone. WhatsApp conversations take up space in our internal phone memory. Jedoch können Sie diese auch manuell über den Punkt "Backup jetzt erstellen" starten. It is a very hot topic to backup and exports the WhatsApp messages so that you will have an additional backup of your WhatsApp chats. If you are having a computer and need to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone then using TunesBro WhatsApp Transfer program is the best way to do it. Step 1. Step 3 Initiate the process by selecting “Back Up”. Part 2: Export WhatsApp chat from iTunes/iCloud to PC. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to OPPO Phone. Steps to export the WhatsApp message manually. You have already rated this article, please do not repeat scoring! Select More and tap Export chat. Furthermore, you can only export the last 40,000 messages if you select the without media option or the last 10,000 messages if you select the with media option. Once you click the Export button, the program will pop up a window asking you where and which format you would like to export to. How to Export Entire WhatsApp Conversations? In order to preserve these chats, one may need to export WhatsApp chats to computer or other devices. How to export WhatsApp chat for Android If you want to export the WhatsApp files on Android, we recommend you our "Recover" feature within the dr.fone. 4. You will see a list of options, select “More” and then “Export chat”. * Open WhatsApp and go through the setup process. Step 1: Firstly, launch WhatsApp on your source device and go to its Settings > Chats > Chat Backup to save your messages. You'll see WhatsApp messages on the target phone after a complete transfer. Alternatively, you can also open the conversation, tap on the more options from here, and choose the “Export Chat” feature. But the flaw of this method is that you can’t restore them back to WhatsApp. To export the WhatsApp chat to excel, just go back to the page which allows you to choose the WhatsApp chats to export, you can see the export location at the bottom. So, find WhatsApp at the second line of the apps list, tick it and click the Scan button at the right bottom of the screen. If you have a lot of media in a chat then the limit may even drop below the 10,000 figure. Especially for WhatsApp users, the chat history takes lots of storage of your phone. Wie gut kennt ihr die Funktionen und Möglichkeiten von Whatsapp? Connect the device with the WhatsApp chats you hope to export to the computer using a USB cable. See the exported file format box beside, from the drop-down box, choose CSV and click Export. By using this site you agree to cookies being used as set in our Cookie Policy . Or you can simply tick the Select All beside the search bar and export them all. Through this guide, we will try to answer these questions by explaining how you can export WhatsApp chats to PC or other devices. iTransor will show you all the WhatsApp chats in your WhatsApp, you can choose some of the chats or all of them to do the export at once, without exporting one by one. In order to export entire WhatsApp conversations which may exceed either the 40,000 (without media) or the 10,000 (with media) limit then a different approach would need to be taken. We can export a specific WhatsApp conversation, or we can export all conversations into a single file. © Copyright 2021 Malavida. Export WhatsApp Messages to Excel via Email. Choose whether to export with media or without media. Seeking a way to export WhatsApp messages to Excel without any other 3rd party tools? What this means is that you cannot export your group WhatsApp chats to Signal. You just need to connect your iPhone to computer with your USB cable and then click the "Export… Since the latter relies on end-to-end encryption, it would not have been possible to import chats from WhatsApp to Signal anyway. Additionally, when you export WhatsApp chats as PDF, it comes with detailed information like the timestamp of the chat messages. Well, the above guide was all about how to save WhatsApp chat on PC from your iPhone (iOS device). The steps for exporting WhatsApp chats to PC with media are as follow: Step 1 Launch iTransor for WhatsApp. To do this the only possibility you have is to back up the entire app on Google Drive, and it is not accessible in the cloud by conventional methods. Thirdly, this app contains some technical moves so it might be hard if you don’t have any technical knowledge. This means that if the chat has been longstanding and there have been a lot of messages over the years then some of the older messages may get left out during the export process. Open your WhatsApp in your old Android system; Get to the Menu button, and locate Settings, followed by Chats, and then Chat Back Up. Unlike the flawed older version of it, Google Drive now allows copying WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos etc. === Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with nor endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. === Convert, export, share, print and backup your WhatsApp Chats as PDF, CSV, JPG, HTML or simply text with Cool looking themes A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR PHONE!!! How do I export an entire WhatsApp conversation? So, your WhatsApp chats are safely backed up in your iCloud. Tapping send will transfer the WhatsApp chat will be sent to your entered email ID as a chat attachment. Method 2. The list of recent chats will open. Whatsapp Chats (manuell) auf ein neues Android Handy übertragen 5. The program will then export WhatsApp chats, images, videos, files and more from your iPhone to Android. Their importance may stem from the fact that they serve as a record of your business-related correspondence or they may simply have sentimental value. Once the database file has been located, it can then be exported to the computer and the messages can be viewed using WhatsApp Viewer, a useful tool for viewing WhatsApp messages on the computer. In order to ensure that no lost data is deleted forever, turn off iTunes automatic-sync. * Install a fresh copy of WhatsApp to your phone from the Play Store. The only option would be to reinstall the application on another device and restore the backup. Google Drive is one of the promising methods to transfer your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another. Export all the Contacts who are using WhatsApp from any number of Bulk Contacts list (1lac, 2lac, etc..) with Export Contacts for WhatsApp application. Step 2: Tap the three-dotted menu icon at the top-right corner of the chat window. Step 2: Then on the Backup page, make sure that your active Gmail account is connected to your WhatsApp because the backup of our WhatsApp chat will be uploaded to that account. Step 4 From the home page of the export mode, choose the WhatsApp backup you just made, and click on the Export to Computer button. Export WhatsApp Chat as PDF on Android/ iOS. You can search, and then select one or some of the chats you hope to export.

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